What Are Nutrients? - Definition & 6 types Nutrients With Example

If you want to know about what is nutrients and its definition in an understanding and simple way then you will stay on this page here you will get all the information about what are nutrients and its definition.

What are the nutrients?

first of all, we should understand in a simple way that is what nutrients are it helps grow growth, health, and maintenance of our body, it helps us stay energetic most of the time. we can take it in the food and other options who we want to take it is our choice.

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What are the nutrients?


if you want to instant energy, the carbohydrate macronutrients are a way of getting instant energyI don't think so you are not heard about the athletic racing secret they also take carbohydrate food or liquid before the race. and the result they run like a horse. it is really important for our body growth and balance.

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What are the 6 nutrients and examples?

2nd thing is that how many types of nutrients we can take, there are 6 types of nutrients who we can take for our body to stay energetic.
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • lipid
  • carbohydrate{ for instant energy }
  • water
  • and protein { it is good for building tissues }

What are the 6 nutrients and examples?,minerals,vitamins,lipid,carbohydrate,water,protein
What are the 6 nutrients and examples

What nutrients do?

when you get your nutrients by food then they help your body to stay full of energy and maintain balance all-day. 

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What nutrients do

Organic and Inorganic nutrients?

Organic nutrients are easily found in animals, plants, and humans and Inorganic nutrients are found in non-living things whose water. Water is an Inorganic nutrient.


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the conclusion is that it is no douted through this definition body needs nutrients to grow and get a cool personality with stay great energy all-day that's why we should get proper nutrients { minerals, vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates, water, and protein } to stay healthy.


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